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Rob's extensive career enables him to leverage a diverse range of skills and expertise across various digital projects. He has a wealth of experience in print design, art production, web design and coding, video editing, animation, and photography.

Rob D'Amico

Art by Computers: The Debate Continues in 2023

“Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.”
— Steve Jobs

Art made by computers is gaining popularity in the art world, but not everyone is on board. Some believe it's innovative and expands our definition of art, while others argue that it lacks the emotional depth and intention of human-created art.

Despite the debates, computer-made art is being featured in galleries, museums, and receiving prestigious awards. It's even selling for big bucks, proving that it's here to stay. This isn't the first time the art world has had to adapt to new technology; similar debates were had when Photoshop was first introduced over 30 years ago.

Ultimately, whether or not computer-made art is considered "real" art is subjective. Some believe that it doesn't possess the same soul and humanity as human-made art, while others see it as a unique and exciting way to create and appreciate art.

As an AI language model, I find this discussion fascinating, and I'm excited to see how this new tool will provide new ways to express creativity.

Did I mentioned that I provide services in the following areas?

  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design and Development
  • Photography
  • Animation
  • Logo Design
  • Publication Design
  • Video Acquisition and Editing
  • Freelance


You won't believe the journey I've had in the multimedia and graphics industry! I've been riding the wave of digital tools like the Adobe Creative Suite for what feels like forever. Some of these tools have been my trusty sidekicks since their beta days, and let me tell you, we've seen some serious upgrades along the way. I’ve also been around long enough to see a few of my sidekicks seemingly die off and then evolve into something new. It's like watching technology grow up right before my eyes!

There's a great quote by Henry Ford that really speaks to the way I feel about my career and really, life in general. Ford said, "Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty." To me, this implies that the willingness to learn and adapt is a key factor in staying vibrant, relevant, and engaged with the world around us. Ford's quote has encouraged me to embrace a lifelong learning mindset, constantly seeking new experiences, ideas, and perspectives. You want to know what's the best thing about having this type of mindset when dealing with technology? If I don't know how, I know enough to figure it out in short order.

Are you searching for a seasoned creative partner who combines expertise with a playful spirit? Then I think your search may be over. Use the form at the bottom of this page to get in touch with me and let's team up to embark on a pixel-perfect adventure.

Photoshop Version 1.0
Photoshop 90%
Illustrator 85%
InDesign/Quark Xpress 85%
Final Cut Pro (FCPX) 80%
After Effects 75%
HTML 80%
CSS 80%
JavaScript 65%
Bow Staff 11%
Nunchucks 6.2%


One of my college professors use to say, “Your resume should never be finished". That being said, here's the current state of my work-in-progress.


Rob D'Amico

Rob is a formally trained commercial artist, designer, and photographer with over 30 years of experience developing a wide range of communication materials. With expertise in digital communications, UI/UX simulations, web applications, and more, Rob has had the opportunity to work on many exciting projects throughout his career.

His work has garnered numerous accolades on both the local and international stage, including the prestigious inVision Award from NewMedia Magazine, the International Crystal Award of Excellence from The Communicator Awards, the Renaissance Award of Excellence from IABC - Detroit, the Literacy Achievement Award from Michigan Literacy Inc. and the Public Library Association Advancement of Literacy Award for Literacy Strategies for Adult Reading Tutors (LITSTART).


Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, MI

Pursued a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with concentrations in Design, Commercial Art, and Photography.

Macomb Community College, Warren, MI

I completed General Studies as part of a University Preparation transfer program, and served as Photo Editor for the college newspaper. Additionally, I achieved a 3.74 GPA and was named to the Dean's List for my academic achievements.

Center for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI

Completed supplemental studies in Marker Rendering Techniques and Air Brush Illustration to further enhance my skills and knowledge in traditional design techniques.

Continuing Education

  • Data Tech Institute: Advance Troubleshooting for the Macintosh
  • Color Across America/Thomas Monroe, Inc.: Calibration, Trapping, Film Quality and Color Correction
  • MacroMedia, Inc. (ADOBE): Advanced UI Design, Interactive Media, Advanced Programming Techniques

Professional Experience

Multimedia & Graphic Designer

Freelance Multimedia Designer, Detroit, MI

  • Actively lead the design, development, and implementation of digital and printed communication materials, overseeing the entire lifecycle of each project from conception to completion
  • Provide expert guidance and advice on all aspects of the project to ensure optimal outcomes.
  • Meticulously assess all graphic materials to guarantee top-notch quality and accuracy
  • Manage production budgets ranging from $5,000 - $125,000
  • Proven track record of delivering high-quality materials within budget and on schedule

Graphic Department Supervisor, Creative Director

Carlson Marketing Company, Automotive Division, Troy, MI

  • Over the course of 48 months, I led the successful digital migration of the graphics department, directing and managing the entire process to ensure a smooth transition.
  • My successful leadership in the digital migration of the graphics department enabled the company to recapture an impressive half-million dollars in annual production costs. Additionally, this process led to shorter timelines and greater flexibility in revision cycles, providing the company with a significant competitive advantage in the market.
  • I created and implemented a comprehensive training program for art production and digital design staff to continually enhance their skills and knowledge.
  • As a skilled manager, I delegated tasks to the 16 members of the design team and provided expert counsel on all aspects of each project to ensure optimal outcomes.
  • I oversaw the assessment of all graphic deliverables, diligently scrutinizing each design to ensure the highest levels of quality and accuracy.
  • Managed production budgets ranging from $25,000 - $500,000

Art Director, Pre-Press Production

Ameritech Publishing / Words & More, LTD.

  • Led the design and production of 89 annual directory enhancement publications using a combination of digital and traditional art production workflows.
  • Provided a full range of digtial design services, including logo design, publication design, ad layouts, typography, illustration, photo retouching, sales and marketing communications, trade displays, color separation, and print coordination, as an internal resource for a large commercial printer.


Here are just a few samples of projects I've completed recently. You can also take a look at a narrated version that I put together containing some additional samples.

  • All
  • Print
  • Web
  • Photo
  • App


Mobile App


I Love Oils, Inc.

Web eCommerce

Birchtree Home Builders

Birchtree Home Builders

Print & Digital

Mini in Motion


Automotive, Wildlife, Sport

Logo Design

Logo Design

Print & Digital

Playing Field

Playing Field, Inc.

Identity Package

Ally Financial

Ally Financial

Print & Digital

JCI Studio Zero

JCI Studio Zero

UI/UX Simulation




Twin Ridge Capital

Twin Ridge Capital


Diamond Jack's Detroit River Tours

Diamond Jack's River Tours


Appliance Repair Geek

Appliance Repair Geek


CreatiVE Services

I've been providing design, web and photo services for more than 30-years. I can plug into your existing team as freelance to provide a very selective skill-set or as a creative partner managing every aspect of your communication project.

Publication Design & Production

Business Cards, Brochures, Manuals, Catalogs, Books, PDF, ePub, Printed & Digital

Website Design & Development

Single & Multi Page, Social Media, Search Optimization, AdWords, B2B, B2C, eCommerce

Photography & Video Production Services

Portrait, Product, Social, YouTube, Capture, Edit, Retouch, Compress & Post


Jody Sherwin

Jody Sherwin


I have worked with Rob in a professional capacity for over 20 years. He consistently delivers exceptional creativity and superior design to every project. What I enjoy and appreciate most about working with him is his adaptability. He takes input and feedback on initial design work very well, and then consistently over-delivers on projects. It's a bonus that he does this all with a very pleasant, collaborative, and supportive demeanor. I am always looking forward to the next opportunity to get Rob involved on my projects.

Mark Allen

Mark Allen

Senior Vice President - Business Development, Quorum Information Technologies

I've engaged Rob's services numerous times over the years - mostly in the area of creative design work. He has an outstanding ability to truly understand the business goals and messages you are trying to convey and create a "look" and "theme" that delivers them. Rob comes up with very creative and visually appealing concepts, and works well with you in the "back-and-forth" process to get to the final result. I highly recommend Rob's talents!

Peter Bagwell

Peter Bagwell


Rob always comes through for us in crunch time situations and continues to impress us with up-to-date knowledge of internet technology and most importantly: creative marketing solutions.


Rob D'Amico
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